♖ Max Holzheu's Newsletter - Issue #12

Hi! I started this little email digest to share what I'm reading, listening to, and find interesting. 💌

Hello friends! You might notice that the formatting is a little different for this issue. This is because we officially trespassed the maximum amount of subscribers allowed in my previous provider, so we’re switching to a new one! Yay! Thank you all for your support.

Today I want to talk about sharing before ready. In a meta-way, this particular newsletter has been hard for me to write because every time I tried it didn’t feel perfect. That’s good and all, but there comes a point where it’s not worth it to keep postponing it anymore. Enjoy!

Quote(s) of the Day 🔑

Simple solutions are better than complicated ones.

What I'm reading 📖

Last issue I mentioned having a block with reading non-fiction… I’m happy to share that the block is over, reading non-fiction doesn’t feel like watching paint dry while a murderer bangs the door of your house, as a friend said at one point.

So now we’re going DEEP. I just picked up The Order of Time by Carlo Rovelli. This author has been referred to as “the new Stephen Hawking” for his poetic writing style and work on a potential “theory of everything.” In this book, he explains time from the perspective of a theoretical physicist who is integrating general relativity with quantum mechanics.

I also finished reading Salt Fat Acid Heat by Samin Nosrat. Ever since the quarantine started, I’ve been trying to not waste the reboot, so I picked up cooking as a new hobby, and this book is the absolute best to get started with. It taught me principles by which I can interpret what’s happening in the kitchen and extract much more from recipes than I would by just blindly following them.

What I'm listening to 👂

A friend of mine invited me to try the 21 Days of Abundance series by Deepak Chopra. It involves a 15-minute meditation every day, and keeping ourselves accountable via a Whatsapp group. I have struggled mightily establishing a meditation routine on my own, so this social experiment came at the perfect time, and it has yielded amazing results. I now look forward to that 15 min every morning.

I couldn’t find a link to get the audios, but I’m happy to forward them to you via Whatsapp, just reply to this email 🙂

What I'm working on ❤️

I finished the Building a Second Brain course that I mentioned in the last issue, as well as the budgeting tool for YNAB. In both cases, the solution was “simple”, which is what makes them effective. A system that requires perfection to be effective is deeply flawed.

This past week I stumbled upon a beautiful concept called a Digital Garden. A Digital Garden is lowercase b blogging. It's writing without worrying about what people will think. It's writing in small, unfinished pieces and building them up to larger more edited pieces, in public. I absolutely love this idea, so I’ll be creating my own over the next month. My hope is that the non-committal nature of a Digital Garden will make me write more, which is something I enjoy doing and don’t do nearly enough. It will probably look something like this, but with a Max twist. Stay tuned ❤️

(also I hope you realize that by me sharing this with you, I’m forcing myself to actually do it and not procrastinate on it. Yay public accountability!)

Thanks for reading, and have a fantastic week!

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