Max Holzheu's Newsletter - Issue #8

Hi friends! It’s me again. I hope you all had a great Halloween / Day of the Dead / All Saints Day. I finally collected enough cool stuff to warrant a new issue of the newsletter. Enjoy 😊

PS: This is “Fiambre”, a traditional Guatemalan dish eaten to celebrate the Day of the Dead. My grandma spends an entire week preparing it, and it’s delicious. It has over 50 ingredients.

Fiambre, a traditional Guatemalan dish

Fiambre, a traditional Guatemalan dish

Quote of the Day 🔑

Everyone else is irrational

Everyone else makes bad decisions, is shortsighted, prejudiced, subject to whims, temper tantrums, outbursts and short-term thinking.

Once you see it that way, it’s easier to remember…

that we’re everyone too.

Seth Godin

What I'm reading 📖

I just finished reading Daemon, by Daniel Suarez, and it went directly to my all-time favorites. It’s fiction, but being a technologist, I know how close we are to this actually being possible. Gripping read, couldn’t stop reading.

Now, I’m reading Small Giants, by Bo Burlingham. Here’s a quote:

Wasn’t it better to have a highly profitable $10M company, than a $100M company that didn’t make any money? Wasn’t it better to have a business with great reputation in its community, and its industry? A company known and respected for its fabulous services, unstinted generosity, and its happy, dedicated workforce, rather than its size?

A U.S. Political Candidate Just Pledged to Make All Decisions via an App Poll

If elected, a candidate for office in Colorado promises he’ll vote on each issue however the majority of his constituents vote via a liquid democracy app.

Definite optimism as human capital | Dan Wang

Human capital models should include imaginative capacity; Seveneves; how I’d reshoot science fiction movies; Japan; why are so many service jobs zero-sum?

The Practical Guide to Taking Intentional Breaks at Work

The Practical Guide to Taking Intentional Breaks at Work. You can easily improve your productivity and your happiness by taking intentional breaks during your workday.

Rohit Nair - Exercise Program Picker

The Program Picker was designed to simplify the process of choosing an appropriate exercise routine. Via a series of questions, it directs you to the most appropriate exercise program for your goal and experience level.

Podcast Recommendation 👂

Ok, this one needs a little bit of explanation. This is a non-tech related podcast that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE. It’s called Hardcore History, by Dan Carlin. Now, I know the name sounds boring. But trust me, Dan is the BEST storyteller I’ve EVER heard. I’ve spent dozens of hours listening to his free stuff, I’m sure you won’t regret it. If you have a podcast app, just search for “Hardcore History” and it should pop right up (here’s an RSS feed if you prefer). I recommend you start with Prophets of Doom (linked below):

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History 48 Prophets of Doom - YouTube

And that's a wrap! Question time ⁉️

What’s the best purchase under $20 you’ve made in the last few years? I’m compiling a list to share back with y'all. Just reply to this email and let me know.